See you at Google Cloud's NEXT Conference!

Noa Technologies has been selected as a partner to introduce best practices for developing IoT solutions with Google Cloud at Google Cloud’s Next conference, in March 2017.

What makes Noa’s IoT system so special?
Noa’s systems and infrastructure feature a multi-layered real-time ingestion and processing engine  — generating predictive insights based on transportation information, combining data-points, and presenting real-time information on the front-end applications. 

For example; inputting multi-modal transportation information, such as raw tracking data, amalgamating multiple data points to display trip history and current location on the Fleet Operator software, and then transforming that information across an entire fleet to predict fleet redistribution to ensure maximum fleet up-time and operational efficiency.

Who will be speaking?
Jose L. Ugia - 10+ years of experience within tech; 2 with Noa Technologies as VP of Engineering.

What is Google Cloud Next?
Next is a conference for Google to showcase their new products, as well as updates to existing products, with real case studies from businesses using their products as examples. The conference, which runs 8-10th March, will be live streamed globally, with selected engineers and business leaders invited to satellite events at each of Google’s international offices.


Bike Share Rolling Into New Haven

"Soon you might be able to pull out your smartphone or a prepaid access card, unlock a bike in your neighborhood, ride it across town, lock it to bike rack, and walk away."

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Mass Mobilisation: Critical Mass

Mass Mobilisation: Critical Mass

Critical Mass has been championing cycling on the world's streets since 1992 and is active in cities from Stockholm to New-Delhi. Noa Technologies went along and spoke to a regular to get the inside track on what it's all about.

The Radbahn: for cyclists, for motorists, for Berlin.

The Radbahn: for cyclists, for motorists, for Berlin.

A team of urban planners, designers and architects have come together to develop an ingenious plan for a cycling paradise in centre of Berlin. Noa Technologies got in touch with them to get the inside track on their vision for bike-based travel in the German capital.