Rider App

Noa Bikeshare
at Yale


Rider App

Noa Bikeshare
at Yale

Download the Noa Rider App

Noa's Rider app is the perfect utility for your campus mobility. Download on the App Store, or get it on Google Play.


using the app

using the app

Using the Noa Rider App at Yale


1. Sign Up and Log In

Open the Noa Rider app and follow the sign up process. You will need to use your email address to be able to access the bikeshare bikes. 

1 signup yale.png
2 renting.png

2. Renting a bicycle

Find a bike on the map in the Noa Rider app.

Click ‘Scan to unlock’ in the Rider app to activate the camera on your smartphone.


3. Scan the QR Code

Hold the camera over the QR code on the bike to scan it.

3 scan.png
4 success.png

4. Successfully Scanned

As soon as you have successfully scanned the code, the ring lock opens automatically.


5. Pick Your Price-Plan

Choose from:

  • day ($4.99)
  • month ($9.99)
  • 6 month ($24.99)
  • annual ($49.99)

6. Payment

Scan your credit card or enter your payment details manually.


7. Pausing a Rental Session

During your rental, you have the option to park your bike without ending your rental session.

Click "Lock" to pause your session.

rental session in progress.png


You have the option to continue your rental session, by clicking "Unlock", or to end your rental session, by clicking "Return".



9. End a Rental Session

Click "Return" to end your rental session and make the bike available for other users. 

You can return your bicycle anywhere within the purple drop-zone boundary displayed on the map. 

6 animation lock.png

9. Locking the Bicycle

Follow the instructions on the screen to properly lock the ring lock and finally complete the rental session.


10. Trip Summary

When you end your rental session, you will see a summary of your trip, including the route, distance and usage time and any additional cost you may have incurred (if you exceed the free ride time associated with your price-plan).

ride summary.png
7 upport.png

11. Contact & Feedback

Click on the settings button on the top right of the screen to navigate to the support menu.

Let us know your concerns.


Bicycle Safety

“Same Road,
Same Rules!”

Bicycle Safety

“Same Road,
Same Rules!”

Bike Safety

Whether driving a bicycle or a car… “Same Road, Same Rules!”

  • Avoid the sidewalk *

  • Stop at all stop signs and red traffic lights *

  • Give right-of-way at all yield signs

  • Walk your bicycle across crosswalks

  • Stay right, unless you are preparing to turn left

  • Use your lights **

  • Go the right direction on one-way streets

  • Signal turns

*failure to do this in New Haven can result in an expensive ticket.

**By state law, you must have a front light visible from 500 feet, a rear red reflector or light visible from 600 feet, and reflective material on the bike visible from 600 feet on each side.


Earn a free helmet and a free month of bikeshare by attending Yale’s Bike Safety Class.


The Smart Streets Guide to Safety is an interactive website where you will learn how to be a citizen of the street, whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver. In addition, the City of New Haven has bike safety information here.