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One Platform to Connect
All Your Assets.

Noa's cloud platform provides our partners with a fully customizable end-to-end solution that transforms any of your assets into smart IoT devices, supporting more efficient operations and extending your assets' lifecycles and utilization. With real time data for seamless operations, Noa's system also reduces your costs and can streamline even your most complex workflows. 

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Noa-Built IoT devices

Patented high-precision, ultra low-power devices to provide highly reliable data on your assets and operations. Our rugged design assures years of maintenance free lifetime. 



Convert raw data streams from your assets into actionable business insights. We turn problems into opportunities to improve your assets' lifecycle and utilisation. 


Suite of Apps

Specialized and secure apps for managers, executives, operations crew, contractors and end users, providing data insights when and how they need them. 


Flexible Integration Options

Advanced APIs and SDKs to allow for white-label integration of our Apps to bring our platform's capabilities directly into your or your partners’ systems.


Valuable Data Insights

Detailed and flexible interactive reports to monitor asset KPIs, troubleshoot and anticipate needs for asset deployment, day to day operations and asset utilization.

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Real-Time Asset & Operations Management


Mobile Asset

Noa’s patented IoT tracking devices use a highly optimized suite of custom sensors to offer high precision telematic data. Using specialized GNSS, GPS and cellular network technology, we send any asset KPIs to our machine learning enabled cloud platform for you to access in real time.



For equipment monitoring you need to know not only where your equipment is, but how and when it is being utilized. Noa's platform provides you with any insights to predict your needs, such as maintenance, repairs and replacement to maximize the uptime and safety of your equipment.


Fully Customized Solutions

Noa has the in-house expertise across hardware, firmware, back-end to front-end and can customise all aspects of its platform to your enterprise needs. Specialized sensors, custom-developed machine learning data pipelines and customer-branded applications can all run on Noa’s  core platform with a zero data loss track record. 

We Minimize Your...

  • Inefficiency in Operations 

  • Asset Loss Rates 

  • CapEx and OpEx

  • Environmental Impact

and Maximise Your...

  • Asset Lifetime & Utilisation

  • Data Driven Business Intelligence 

  • Ressource Savings

  • End-User UX & Operations UI

Join the Worlds Leading Companies*

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* We are proud to be working with some of the world's leading technology companies. We take their confidentiality very seriously. For references, please contact us using the form below. 

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