Intelligent Bicycle Fleets

Connected, data-driven and automated bicycle fleet management technology, for fleet operators and OEMs. 


Real-time Fleet Management for Moving Assets

We are bridging the gap between bicycle, rider, fleet manager, and digital infrastructure. But most importantly, we are improving the user experience for everybody. Welcome to Noa Connected.


Noa Connected Products


Retrofit Kits

Easily connect your existing fleet to the Noa Cloud.

Ready to Roll Bicycles

Start with a new fleet, or upgrade an existing one. 

Multimodal Transport

Integrated transportation solutions.

OEM Components

Key components for connected bicycles.

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Retrofit kits: connect your existing fleet

Gain insights into the dynamics of your fleet while protecting and improving on your existing investment into bicycles. Noa tracking, sensing and locking technology can be easily added to your existing bicycle fleet.


Ready to Roll Bicycles: start fresh

Planning to offer smart bicycle sharing on your campus, to residents, or to modernise your existing fleet? Noa can provide you with connected bicycles that are ready to go, plus all the apps and tools to manage your fleet and give access to your users.


Multimodal Transport: manage your fleet of fleets

Noa is working with the leading innovators in transportation demand management, integrating different transportation fleets to offer convenient and efficient transport services across different transportation modes. Our technology allows companies to orchestrate their fleet of fleets.


OEM Components: solutions for innovative bicycle manufacturers and beyond

Our technology is compact and made to withstand the most challenging environments, from the hot California sun, to the harsh East Coast winters. Key components of our technology can be used by OEMs to make their transportations assets more intelligent and connected. 



Know where your assets are and where they have been.


Control access to your assets and reduce loss rates.


Understand what your assets are exposed to.


Manage the entire fleet centrally, using data-driven tools.



  • Real-time location using satellite tracking and cellular connectivity, even in dense urban environments,
  • Intelligent detection of trips,
  • Definition of Service Areas, Drop Zones and Points of Interest.


  •  Different integrated sensor help understand the types of use and environment the vehicle is operating in,
  • Data about urban weather is gathered while the assets are traversing the urban grid,
  • Sensors can be added to satisfy individual requirements.


  • Both station-based as well as free-floating fleet types are supported,
  • Smart locks offer convenient access for metered and unmetered use,
  • Assets can be taken out of service easily by preventing access.


  • Centralised management of your fleet through user friendly browser and mobile apps,
  • Data-driven rebalancing, maintenance planning and asset lifecycle management,
  • Powerful analytics and machine learning functionality.


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