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Healthier Companies
for a Healthier Planet.

Noa was founded to serve as a vehicle of change in the conservation of our planet, by enabling corporations to use their assets more efficiently. In our vision, business objectives and positive environmental impact can coexist, rather than be polar opposites. Excess pollution, the destruction of our environment and the depletion of essential natural resources are serious but solvable challenges we have made our mission to tackle together with our partners. As we reduce our customers' costs we also reduce their CO2 footprint. A win for business, as well as the environment. 

Having identified companies

as one of the main drivers

to make impactful change for a


we partnered with the world’s leading

tech companies to develop

our platform to manage assets

more sustainably.

We choose to partner, rather than disrupt, to see the change we wish to see in our world become reality through the right application of B2B technology.


Our real-time IoT-to-Cloud asset management platform allows corporate providers of innovative mobility, smart security and connected health solutions to dramatically improve their environmental footprint, whilst improving services and driving down costs. 


If you would like to join us on our mission,

We look forward to collaborating with you.

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