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 Customizable End-to-End Solutions Made to Provide…



Unmatched levels of reliability, precision, availability and durability. Zero Data Loss. 



Seamless integrations with existing systems on any level of your technology stack. 



Our self healing platform, built for scale to manage any amount of connected assets. 

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Next generation fleet management to to improve the efficiency and to orchestrate any number of assets, crew and users of your fleet. 

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A One Stop Shop Solution

Our platform provides you with any component necessary to effectively manage your fleet offering.


Central Administration Dashboard

  • Management of day-to-day operations

  • Interactive inventory & lifecycle management


Operations & Maintenance

  • Predictive redistribution and maintenance of assets 

  • Automated fleet tracking

  • Dynamic geofencing to optimize and regulate fleet behavior


Real Time Analytics

& Alert

  • Reduction of loss rates to near zero

  • Maximization of asset utilisation

  • Near-real time alerts to manage and monitor any incidents



Fleet and asset managers to easily access data via maps and reports.

Our patented IoT devices use highly optimized GNSS/GPS and cellular network technology to send location data and other KPIs required for your business to our machine learning enabled cloud, allowing:


Your ground crews and contractors to benefit from high precision location data and customizable alerts to streamline operations.


Authorized end-users to easily find and access the assets they need. 

Many operators of free-floating bike, e-bike and scooter fleets suffer loss rates of over 100% annually. Using our solutions, you can reduce loss rates to 1-5%, while increasing your asset life time and utilization dramatically. 

As more assets are available and each one is utilized more, these improvements multiply each other, resulting in the Noa system paying for itself many times over in both CapEx and OpEx savings.

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Using an array of advanced sensors and customized firmware building on the reliable core service of asset location, Noa‘s system is capable of providing valuable insight into the operations of moving, as well as stationary equipment.


The collected data enriches the standard location data in Noa's dashboards, providing information not only about where equipment is, but also its utilization rate. 

Based on this data, Noa can provide recommendations on areas that have too many or too few pieces of equipment, calculate estimated battery and consumable levels for the remote equipment, and generate alerts to management and crew when maintenance is required.

Ancla 4

Designed to adapt.



Noa can provide fully white labeled versions of user-facing apps to allow the customer to maintain consistent branding in their end-user experience. 

For customers requiring further customization, we provide web and mobile software development kits (SDKs) allowing engineers on either side to integrate Noa device data into existing apps.



For new use cases, Noa can customize the machine learning algorithms that convert sensor data into knowledge about remote assets. 

In many cases, this allows our customers’ unique needs to be met without the need for custom hardware. 

These custom algorithms further enable our team to visualize this data in a way that makes sense to the specific use case, and to add it to the customer’s dashboard for allround visibility.



If our standard sensors don’t provide the necessary data, Noa’s hardware platform is designed to accommodate new sensors with minimal effort. 

Once the required sensors are integrated, the data flows into dashboards and apps via the same reliable platform used for our standard sensor data. 

Should custom machine learning algorithms be needed to interpret data from the new sensors, these can easily be created.

Enterprise Integrations
and APIs


Noa provides a stable, reliable set of APIs for accessing all aspects of the Noa system. They include both ReSTful APIs to pull data, and Server Side Events (SSE) to push real-time data into an integrated system. 

These APIs enable the Customers’ engineering teams to power their own Apps and dashboards, combining data from Noa devices with related data available to the customer from other sources, to support a seamless experience for end users. In addition, we provide enterprise single sign-on capabilities via SAML, so that all identity and access management can be handled by the customer’s existing employee accounts.

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